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8″ inline fans

I have 8" inline fans for sale that are used and still in good condition, selling them for 60$ each but if you want to buy multiple I will give you a deal. Plea...

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General Hydroponics 1×1 trays

I have 22 used great condition 1x1 general hydro trays for sale for 3.00$ each. If you buy in bulk I will give you a deal. Product info below please let me know...

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24/7 Nutrient Monitor

I have 1 NEW, never used monitor. I am selling all my grow stuff. Ballasts, hoods, lights (some new, some used). Timers. Food. Let me know if your interested an...

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3 Sunlight Supply vertizontal @ $80 each & 1 parabolic @ $40.

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I have 2 pumps, the 633 g/h is $20. The 264 g/h is $15

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Yield Master II 6″ classic hood with bulb

I have 1 Yield Master II 6" classic hood with bulb for sale! It is used but still in great condition, retail value is $99.99 I am selling this for 80$. If you h...

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275 gallon water tank

I have 1 275 gallon water tank for sale, retail value for these go for $250.00 I am selling mine for $200.00

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Cool Tube Reflector 6″

I have three cool tubes for sale that are used and in great condition, selling them for 50 each, if you have any questions please let me know. Cool Tub...

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Xtrasun Reflector – 8 in. Flange

I have 1 xtrasun reflector for sale for 40$ that is used and in great condition, if you have any questions please let me know. Product info listed below ...

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Hortilux Super HPS 1000W

I have 30 1000w Hortilux Super HPS bulbs, I am selling them for $30.00 each and am willing to give a deal for a bulk order. They were used for ONE RUN ONLY...pr...

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Botanicare Sea of Green Microgarden

I have 1 Botanicare Sea of Green microgarden that is slightly used and still in original box. Retail value for these run $358-380, I am selling this one for $21...

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Aura 2 Ton AC

    I have one Aura 2 Ton AC for sale for $700. This is used but still in really great condition, retail value for these is between 1,600 and 1,...

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4 ballast

I have 4 ballasts for sale, 55 each or best offer. Could come up w/ a different deal if they all got purchased at once. Having issues uploading a pic so I am mo...

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Hydroponics system


Hydroponics system

I have some growing supplies I'm trying to sell, I don't use them anymore. I spent a good bit on them and I have the basics you need to grow anything inside. ...

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Kind LED


Kind LED

Kind LED K5 xl1000..new.still in original box..  5 year warranty.. High Times #1 LED of 2014, Badass Light, only 2 grows on them, cant use them anymore.. 1,600....

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